Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2018

Erna Meets Krampus…Again!


Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2018 was a huge success! The event is open to all people who want to celebrate with us, but of course we love to hear stories of those who have a connection to the tradition in the past. Lisa brought her friend Erna to the event and shared this delightful story with us: 

Hey all, I just wanted to say thanks so much for this awesome event! I brought my 92 year old friend Erna, who emigrated from Austria (Krampus’ homeland!) as a young woman right after WWII. Erna remembers being visited by the Krampus as a little girl.

She says she found out later that when St. Nicholas and Krampus arrived, one of her parents would slip St. Nicholas a note with details of when she and her siblings had been naughty throughout the year, and St. Nicholas would secretly read it quickly and then confront the children with their misbehavior. If the children did not take responsibility and apologize and promise to be good from then on, they were threatened with Krampus abduction! She still remembers being frightened/excited when she and her siblings heard the combination of chains and bells outside their home announcing the arrival of St. Nicholas and Krampus, and then her parents would round the children up and make them sit in a row of chairs in the living room waiting to meet their visitors. Hahaha!

Again, thank you so much. Erna had the time of her life!

Thank you Lisa and Erna for sharing! We’ll have a photo essay of the different scenes of Milwaukee Krampusnacht up later in the week!


(Lisa–on the right, and Erna meet the Krampus!)


Ask Krampus


An FAQ to make your Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2018 (Dec. 5 from 5pm-11pm at the Bavarian Bierhaus, 700 W. Lexington Blvd. in Glendale) more enjoyable! A full schedule of events is at the end of this FAQ. This is a ticketed event. Read on for ticket link.

What da heck is a Krampus?

In Alpine lore, December 5 is a night that children are visited by kindly Saint Nick and his dark companion, Krampus the Christmas demon. The good are rewarded, the bad are punished, and then we return you to your regularly scheduled sugary, sappy Christmas season. Read more here:

Hey uh, my kid has a ticket to the Kid’s Krampus Hour. How does that work? 

Arrive by 5 and bring them down to the basement (turn left at bottom of stairs) to a room called the Winestube. You’re free to join them or wander upstairs for a bit while they do a craft project and hear some storytelling. At 6 sharp the kid’s Krampus parade leaves the Winestube, parades around the inside of the building, and then returns back down to the Winestube. Please pick your kids up there!

Is this too scary for my kid?

We always say it depends on your kid. Are they badly frightened by haunted houses/ scary movies? Then yeah, probably. Google Krampus parade and check out some videos, and make the call. Tell them it’s just for fun and they’ll be ok…unless they’ve been naughty! Mwu-hu-hahaha!

Who runs this thing?

It’s presented by Milwaukee Paranormal Conference and a group of Krampus enthusiasts from Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and the Midwest called Milwaukee Krampus. We have united the Krampus clans and many other cultural groups are participating in this year’s event. This is our second year following a great success year one event.

Milwaukee Krampus group is on Facebook here:

Will Bavarian Bierhaus be serving food/drink?

Yes! They have a fantastic menu of German favorites and they brew their own beer, including a special dopplebock made just for this event called Bells & Chains! You can see their menu here:


I’m making a costume and want to be in the parade. How now?
If you haven’t registered, show up in your costume to the staging area in the far side of the beer garden by 6:30pm.

I’d like to volunteer at the event. How can I sign up?

Volunteers are a vital part of the event. Volunteers get into the event for free, and the shifts are short so you can enjoy the event. Just sign up here by CLICKING HERE

Huh? Why do I need tickets to this event?

This is a ticketed event for two reasons: the money earned from tickets goes to paying our awesome music line-up, and covers other costs for building and promotional materials– it all adds up pretty quickly. It also lets us know how big of a crowd we and Bavarian Bierhaus need to prepare for.

We have $5 advance tickets and will have a limited run of $5 tickets at the door. To get tickets: CLICK HERE 

Can I see the parade without paying for tickets?

Krampus will be patrolling for naughty children, not gawkers. You need a ticket to get inside which is where our amazing Krampus Market, music line-up, activities, (and warmth) are, so have a good experience by getting a ticket.

Where is the best place to watch the parade?

The parade will go through the Beer Garden– there’s lots of room out there. The Bierhaus patio is a good spot to see it from afar, and anywhere around the perimeter of the building.

Where do I pick up my swag that came with my ticket?

Right when you check in at the front doors. If you pre-ordered shirts via Square, those are at our merch table in the vendor hall.

I’m from out of town. Any recommended accommodations?

Yes. We’re glad to say the Brewhouse Inn and Suites is giving Krampusnacht attendees a discount on their beautiful rooms. More info here:

What type of stuff will I find in the Krampus Market vendor hall? 

Quite a great mix of gift items for the beloved weirdos in your family. Candles, jewelry, original art, ornaments, cards, dolls, and lots of unusual oddities are just some of the things. You can find a vendor list with links here:

We are also doing a raffle for a wonderful gift basket full of items from our merch table and vendor hall! Tickets are $2 and available in the main beer hall near the music stage. Winner will be announced at 10pm (or by e-mail if you’re not there). All money made from the raffle will be donated to Toys for Tots.

What about parking? 
Bavarian Bierhaus has a huge parking lot to accommodate the event. If you want to avoid the run around, we recommend you consider:
-Taking an Uber, Lyft, taxi, or the bus (routes 14 and 15 go very close)

Any other hot tips?

Arrive early, dress warm, bring cold hard cash because not all of our vendors might be set up to take cards.
– Participate in the white elephant gift exchange– bring a wrapped gift (around $5 value) and drop it off at the gift table (near the music stage) and pick up a gift at 8.
– Bring an unwrapped gift for Toys for Tots, donation boxes in lobby.
-Get your picture taken in our Krampus Photo Booth in our Krampus Market vendor hall!




Pre-order Your Milwaukee Krampusnacht Shirts!

We have some great art for our 2018 Milwaukee Krampusnacht merch. Our shirts when very quickly last year, so the best way to guarantee that you get the shirt style you want is to pre-order.


Official 2018 T-shirt [designed by Stinky Goblin Emporium]


Sizes S-2XL, $15

Right now we have a ticket deal where you get free admission into Milwaukee Krampusnacht with the pre-order of this shirt. They’re already going quick!
Here’s the link to our ticket page: CLICK HERE
If you’re looking to do additional pre-orders of this shirt, you can choose to pick this up at the event or pay an additional $5 shipping to get it delivered. Orders will be mailed Mon., Dec. 10. Here’s the order page:


Krampington T-Shirt [designed by David Beyer]


This uniquely Wisconsin Krampus design will be available in white ink on red t-shirt, pre-order sizes S-2XL, $15. You’ll also be able to find this design on buttons and stickers (at the event only.) You can choose to pick this up at the event or pay an additional $5 shipping to get it delivered. Orders will be mailed Mon., Dec. 10. Here’s the order page:


Limited Edition Walter Alps T-shirt [designed by David Beyer]


This Big Lebowski themed Krampus shirt riffs on a famously strange dubbed line in the TV-censored version of the movie. Great for Krampus and Big Lebowski fans. This will be red ink on a grey shirt. You can choose to pick this up at the event or pay an additional $5 shipping to get it delivered. Pre-order sizes S-2XL, $15. Orders will be mailed Mon., Dec. 10. Here’s the order page:



Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2018 schedule!

Our amazing Krampusnacht festival and market takes place Weds., Dec. 5 at the Bavarian Bierhaus. Tickets:
Facebook event:
kramp 1

5-6pm: Krampus Kid’s Hour w/ Kinder-Krampus Parade, Craft project, Storytime with La Befana, Krampus, Mari Lwyd, and more!

6pm: The Squeezettes (4 time winners of the WAMI Polka Artist of the Year)

7pm: American Science & Surplus Krampus Parade
Candy and treats for the kids and lots of Krampus and other characters!

8pm: Sunspot (multiple WAMI and MAMA award winners)
Also at 8pm: White Elephant Gift Exchange
Bring a wrapped creepy cool gift and drop it off at the white elephant table, then pick up a gift at 8!

9pm: Xposed 4heads


10pm: Sweet Sheiks


We are proud to support Toys for Tots at this year’s event. Bring toys to donate, and consider making an online donation to them here:


Food/Drink: We are thrilled to say that Bavarian Bierhaus is making a special brew for the event, a whiskey barrel dopplebock called Bells & Chains! Check out their delicious menu of German favorites and line-up of beers and other drinks here:

Krampus Market 2018 Vendors

  1. Milwaukee Krampus
  2. American Science & Surplus
  3. The Dafty Gnomad
  4. Necropolis Curios
  5. Carve Between the Lines
  6. Stinky Goblin Emporium
  7. Spookshow Babe Designs
  8. Grave Digger Candles
  9. Tripbox
  10. Crimson Cowl Comics and Collectibles
  11. Memento Moira
  12. Tarot Readings by Skully Sati
  13. Astralfae
  14. Palmer Square Studios
  15. Beyer Beware Productions
  16. Stone Troll Studios
  17. Italian Community Center (meet La Befana!)
  18. UberDork Designs
  19. Funeral Antiques
  20. Barton Artel 
  21. James Steeno Gallery
  22. Milwaukee Ghost Walks